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Library Expansion

Project Estimated Cost: $1M


Project Location: Site of the existing Lois Nelson Public Library: 323 McKinney Ave, Princeton, TX 75407


Project Description:

Lois Nelson Public Library has been integral to the community for many years. The current building was erected in 2012. At the time, the building was constructed to serve library patrons for years to come. Due to unprecedented growth, the library requires expansion. The library currently serves over 8000 patrons. On average, there are 50 new patrons a month.  Providing services and programming for the patrons can be challenging due to space constrictions. As the community continues to grow, there is a need for the library to grow. There should be meeting spaces, study spaces, makerspace, community room, and a stage for performers, just to name a few things.  These are spaces that would be highly utilized if made available.  Oftentimes, library events are over the capacity of the maximum building occupancy of 75. There have been events with more than 200 attendees, and each week's story time has more than 40 attendees! Additionally, there is ESL classes during the same time slot as story time. Between the two events, the max capacity is close to being met. The space is not large enough to properly engage with the community. There has been a constant outcry for a larger library for quite a while. Please honor the community by giving them a proper library space that will accommodate future growth and facilitate community engagement.

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